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ADI doesn't have to cost a fortune. If you've been searching for the best deal on your Florida advanced driver improvement course, you've come to the right place – EasyADI.com!

Our reputation has been built on providing our customers with the best quality online ADI course for the lowest price available. We even back this up with a lowest price guarantee. Of course, if you do find online ADI for a lower price, we'll beat that competitor's advertised price by a full 5%.

Florida's Original ADI School

EasyADI.com is a service of Driver Training Associates, Inc., Florida's first ADI course provider. Developers of the original Advanced Driver Improvement course used exclusively by the State of Florida, DTA has been helping Florida drivers learn safe driving strategies for nearly four decades.

Our ADI course is designed to confront drivers with their attitudes and emotions behind the wheel. Drivers who receive multiple tickets or who disobey traffic laws without regard for the safety of others are usually not aware of the motivations behind these driving behaviors. By understanding what causes a driver to take risks that could endanger himself or others, a driver may learn to change his behavior.

This is the goal of advanced driver improvement. Whether through classroom interaction or online instruction, each driver is required to take into account the actions that caused a license suspension or possibly worse consequences to occur. Once the driver has examined his or her pattern of behavior, that driver can make the decision to change.

EasyADI.com has been created to provide Florida drivers with a cost-effective way to receive the benefits of the Advanced Driver Improvement course. Apart from the obvious benefit of getting your license back, these benefits can include lowering your level of stress, reducing your chances of future accidents or violations, and spending less money on the many expenses that are associated with traffic tickets.

Sign up for the ADI course today and find out how you, too, can change your behavior to become a safer driver.

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