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ADI Course - $63.00

Take our convenient 12-hour course for a suspended Florida license, habitual traffic offender (HTO), or court order. It's the fastest way to get your ADI enrollment letter (required for hardship license).

Get Your Florida Driver License Back!

Has your Florida driver license been suspended or revoked for too many traffic tickets? Are you an "HTO" (Habitual Traffic Offender)? If so, you need to take an Advanced Driver Improvement course. This 12-hour course does not have to be completed in a classroom. That's right, you can now take it on the web!

EasyADI.com is the fastest way for you to get started with ADI and get your driver license back. Just click "Register Now" to begin, or browse our site to learn more about the Advanced Driver Improvement course.

Reasons for ADI Course Attendance

  • Suspended / Revoked License – Any Florida driver whose license has been suspended or revoked has to complete an ADI course before his or her license can be reinstated.
  • Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) – Advanced Driver Improvement is also required for any driver who has been categorized as a habitual traffic offender by the State of Florida.
  • Court or Judge Ordered – For certain repeat offenders, a Florida judge or court will order a person to complete a 12-hour advanced driver improvement course.
  • Florida hardship license – In order to be eligible to receive a Florida hardship license, a driver must show proof of enrollment in an ADI course.
  • NOT for DUI Offenses – Please note that the ADI course should NOT be taken for a DUI offense.

Why Take Advanced Driver Improvement Online?

The decision to take your ADI course on the Internet or at a classroom ADI school is entirely up to you, and both course types have their pros and cons. Many Florida drivers find that online ADI school is the best choice for them for the following reasons.

  • Convenience – Since the ADI course is long (12 hours) compared to most other driver improvement courses, it helps if you can at least take it in a setting of your choice, such as your home or office.
  • Price – The online price for advanced driver improvement is generally less than the cost of going to class in person.
  • No driving to a class – Taking your course online saves gas and keeps you from driving on a suspended license.
  • No lecture – You won't have to listen to someone lecturing for 12 hours.
  • DMV approved – Just like the classroom version of ADI, this easy online course is a DMV approved ADI school program.

Since you are reading this, you already have a computer and an Internet connection, which is all you need to take your ADI class online. However, some people prefer group interaction and a live instructor. Fortunately, we also offer live ADI classes in many locations throughout Florida.

Click "Register Now" to get started on your Florida Online ADI course today.