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ADI Schools

ADI schools are traffic schools that offer the 12 hour Florida Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) program.

ADI school curricula are developed by private corporations and offered either directly to the public or through licensed ADI schools. Guidelines concerning the administration of Florida ADI courses and program requirements are related in Chapter 15A-8 of the Florida Administrative Code.

Driver Training Associates was the first company to develop a State-approved 12-hour ADI course in Florida. As a result of this longevity, a large number of classroom ADI schools throughout Florida teach DTA's ADI curriculum or refer their customers to DTA's online ADI course when a classroom course is unavailable.

Why do people need to go to ADI schools?

The reasons for taking an advanced driver improvement course are many and varied.

Most people attend ADI school because they have received a form letter from the Florida DHSMV ordering them to attend this course because of a Florida driver license revocation or suspension. If a Florida driver's license has been suspended or revoked, that driver may apply for a hardship license to drive to and from work, or to other destinations that are absolutely necessary (school, hospital, etc.).

To be eligible to apply for a hardship license, a driver must first show proof of enrollment in ADI school. With many online ADI schools, a driver must pay a fee to print out his or her enrollment letter immediately. However, with EasyADI.com, the same driver would be able to download their enrollment letter for FREE. There is no additional charge for either the enrollment letter or certificate of completion, and both are available for download as a PDF.

Another reason for attendance of ADI schools is that a driver has been classified as a Habitual Traffic Offender by the Florida DHSMV. Drivers who fall into this category are required to complete a State approved ADI class before their license will be reinstated.

Finally, in some cases, drivers are required to register with ADI schools because a Florida court or judge has ordered them to attend a 12 hour driver improvement course. This often happens if the driver has committed a serious traffic offense or has already attended the shorter basic driver improvement course multiple times.

Are Florida ADI schools regulated by the DHSMV?

Technically, ADI course providers are responsible for regulating themselves and the agencies they license. However, DHSMV does review ADI course curricula to ensure that they meet the minimum content standards set forth in the Florida Administrative Code.

Some people erroneously believe that ADI schools are regulated by the National Safety Council. The National Safety Council does offer its own ADI courses, but NSC is not a government entity.

In addition to the National Safety Council, most states have multiple safety council chapters that serve their local area (these might or might not be part of the National Safety Council). While many of these chapters are non-profit organizations, they are not government entities.

The National Safety Council does not have any regulatory authority over any ADI schools other than those that offer its ADI curriculum.

Where should complaints about ADI schools be sent?

Since many Florida ADI schools are privately owned businesses, you can direct your complaint to the Better Business Bureau chapter in your area. Complaints can also be directed to the office of the attorney general, particularly if you believe that you are the victim of a scam, bait and switch advertising, or unfair treatment.

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